Damien was born in Haasts Bluff, Northern Territory on 10th July 1967. He later moved to Papunya with his family. He was taught to paint Dreamtime stories at an early age by the highly acclaimed artists Clifford Possum, Billy Stockman and Uta Uta.

Damien is now a respected Papunya Tula Artist and is married to highly talented Yilpi Marks.

Yilpi was born in Ernabella on 7th November 1969. She was taught the Dreamtime stories by her grandparents and her parents. Her mother Tjulkiwa Atira-Atire and her father Nyukana Baker (deceased), both very talented artists, have artworks held the state gallery of Sout Australia

Both Damien Marks and Yilpi Marks are young rising stars and their artworks are becoming more and more sought after