Artist : George Ward Tjungurrayi

Artist Profile

Artist : George Ward Tjungurrayi
Born: c. 1940
Region: Western Desert
Community: Kintore
Outstation: Kiwirrkura, Lake Mackay, Karkun, WalaWala, Kilpiny
Language: Pintupi

George Ward Tjungurrayi was born in the vicinity of Kiwirrkura. He began painting for the famed Papunya Tula Artists in about 1976.

George Ward Tjungurrayi's ancestral country covers the sites around Wala Wala, Kiwirrkura, Lake Mackay, Kulkuta, Karku, Ngaluwinyamana and Kilpinya to the north-west of Kintore across the West Australian border. George paints the Tingari stories for this region. Tingari Cycle refering to ancient stories of the Tingari People who travelled the land during mythological times.

Local group:
Social Affiliation: Tjungurrayi subsection

Medium: Acrylic paint on canvas
Subjects: Tingari, Kuniya at Karrilwarra.

In 2004, George Ward Tjungurrayi is the winner of the Wynne Prize, Art Gallery of New South Wales