Artist : Mickey Jampijinpa Singleton

Artist Profile

Artist : Mickey Jampijinpa Singleton
Skin Name: Jampijinpa
Country: Pirlinyarnu, Northern Territory
Medium : Acrlyic on linen

Mickey Singleton has lived most of his life between Yuendumu, an Aboriginal community located 290 kms northwest of Alice Springs and Nyirrpi, a community which started as an outstation as an outstation of Yuendumu, located a further 160 kms west into the bush.

Dreaming : Ngapa (Water), Yankirri (Emu), Wati (Men's), Ngalyipi (Snake Vine)

Mickey paints stories passed down to him from his father and his fathers before him for millenia. These stories are creation stories that relate to Mickey's traditional country.
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