Artist: Mitjili Napurrula

Artist Profile

Artist : Mitjili Napurrula
Born : c. 1945
Region : Ikuntji
Language : Pintupi
Skin Name : Napurrula

Mitjili Napurrula was born at Haasts Bluff located 200 km west of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory, around 1945 and is the daughter of Tupa Tjakamarra and Tjunkiya Napaltjarri.

Dreaming: Spear Dreaming Uwalki, Watiya Tjuta, Wangunu or Portulaca, Arkatjirri

Mitjili Napurrula is also a half sister to Turkey Tolson, another well-known Pintupi painter.

She paints her father's country called Uwalki which lies in the Gibson Desert near the Kintore Ranges, west of Haasts Bluff.

This country is characterised by red sandhills, bushes and trees including the beautiful desert oaks. Her early paintings were not entirely successful, being seen as rather similar to the Papunya style paintings which she saw as a young woman.

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