Artist Profile

Artist : Ronnie Tjampitjinpa
Born : c. 1943
Region : Muyinnga
Skin Name : Tjampitjinpa

Ronnie Tjampitjinpa was born some time around 1943 in the region near Muyinnga, about 100 km west of the Kintore Ranges in Western Australia (and approximately 500 km west of Alice Springs).

His family traveled extensively across Pintupi territory, moving through this region and also around Wilkinkarra (Lake Mackay) which straddles the Western Australia - Northern Territory border. He was initiated into Aboriginal Law at Yumari, near his birthplace.

Ronnie originally came in from the bush at Yuendumu and later joined relatives living in Papunya, where he worked as a labourer, helping with the fencing of the airfield.

He started painting around 1971 at the time that the desert art movement began in Papunya and over several years he moved between Papunya, Yuendumu and Mt Doreen Station. Ronnie's work follows the Pintupi style of strong circles joined together by connecting lines relating to the people, country and the Dreamtime.